How do we determine what to do to meet your security needs?


  Considerations when judging your requirements;

Pricing is out of shop fee plus service fee.  In case of complex services it is out of shop fee plus time on site (labour) plus materials.

As of February 1st 2022 our general labour rate is $80 per hour weekday daytime and $120 per hour outside that, after hours.

Our Safe and Vault rate is $110.0 per hour.  During weekday daytime and upside that is after hours rate of 150 per hour.

 Flat travel rate per KM $1.90 (break down below)

 Travel fee per km is a combine fee. Time in vehicle plus km rate from shop to site then back to shop.

Labour rate is 80.00 per hour. Starts when tech leaves shop, arrives and returns. 
 For example.

Site is 50km away (100km round trip)
100x 1.09 = $109.00
Travel time round trip is 1 hr =$80
Total travel cost for time and km =189.00 fee to attend site and return with vehicle and tools.

 After hours travel rate is $2.46 per km traveled to site and return.

If you delay technician at site when they arrive there is a labour fee for at site for the tech to sit and wait for you.   We arrive ready to work.  Continuing to look for keys,  or refusing the call still results in the fee. We responded in a prompt manner.  No call before arrival cancels are charged full rate for lockout.

   Ease of access or convenience versus security level versus access control.  
They all cannot be fully satisfied but we can lean towards one or the other. For instance, a lean towards convenience would have a looser requirements for entry in the form of a regular knob.  Conversely, leaning towards a higher level of security would likely have an additional lock in the form of a deadbolt. Shifting heavier still on the side of security over convenience is secondary locking bars for while you are in your home and during sleep hours to reinforce doors against attack.  

  In general it is a balance that you as the owner have to be comfortable with and able to use. 

At Wood Family Locksmithing, we believe in being transparent to you, our clients.  So on this page is a breakdown of services.


 Before any service can be performed you must 

provide proof of authority to have the work done. 

(All fees are subject to addition of applicable taxes and change with out notice unless quoted prior to work.)

Currently our services are as follows;  

 Out of shop service fee covers per km. And includes travel labour time.

$1.90 per km to the site and return.

Out of Shop Services Fee (travel within 10km of South Porcupine Post office) for non emergency work.

$65.00  Monday-Friday: 9AM to 5pm

$85.00 Monday-friday 5PM TO 9AM and all day weekends and holidays. 


  Emergency services are at a set rate separate rate by make model and situation. I.e vehicle house  or other.  See below.

We do not condone the rising popularity of picking locks with a drill.  If the solution is one that your do-it-yourself spouse could do then there is no reason to call a professional.  Whenever possible it is the operating mandate of Wood Family Locksmithing to start with the quickest, least invasive methods then, failing that progress to more forceful tactics.  Drilling of a lock should be done when there is no other means to properly gain entry and the lock is already damaged. Such instances are;

- Botched forced entry attempt while you were out.

- Vandalism by seizing the lock mechanisms via mastic or glue

- Severe breakdown of mechanical parts from age, weather or wear.(in this case drilling is rarely required.)

In a nutshell you could say we will;

-Bypass instead of pick.

-Pick instead of destroy

-Repair or upgrade instead of replace. 

This type of practice keeps cost low and quality high.  We will not show up missing tools for a job. We will not assemble your locks incorrectly. We at Wood Family Locksmithing are in business to do right by our clients and provided a service I am proud to put my family name on.

Description of services;

Emergency lockout Automotive  withing South Porcupine and timmins core area (10km from post office in South Porcupine) outside is $1.90 per km to site and return to shop.

Weekday 9am to 5pm $95.00

After hours, weekends and holidays. $125.00

   Emergency lockout remedy can be provided on a residential, commercial or automotive level. The average time to remedy a basic lockout is at most 30 minutes. But usually 5 to 15 minutes. We will never damage your vehicle like tow companies are prone to with the over sized big reach tools; We utilize protective sleeves and in the door scopes to ensure a damage free opening.


Safe or security container opened by professional means;

  We offer the nondestructive entry of safes and other security containers from the big box stores to commercial records safes.  We can trouble shoot and help in the case of codes not working and other issues such as hard to close or open doors etc


Electronic type that can be talked through over the phone for no fee.

Regardless, call and we can provide a detailed work estimate based on your specific situation

Drilled and repaired varies by model call for pricing


  Time of day plus labour and travel depending on location.

  We offer the decode and creation of keys for many vehicles. Call for info.



 We offer the ability to decode that key you left behind another city and arrived at the airport by decode from visual inspection.  have a person back in the city where you left your keys take a straight photo of them individually and we will decode and produce them on site. event at 2am!   50.00

Key duplication;

Automotive non transponder 

Residential and padlock other 

8.00 ea residential and cam lock

Automotive edge cut non chip and 

Sidemill blades vary by type.

  Key duplication is the process of creating a copy of a key from an original key provided by the client. This is a cost effective solution to additional entry requirements.  We are capable of duplicating tubular, residential and non transponder automotive keys.  Currently I am the only business to offer onsite convenience in key duplication and origination by factory standard for tubular locks. All keys we copy are double checked by micrometer to assure accuracy and save you a return trip and hassle. We guarantee our work and will travel to you to correct a mis-cut key at no cost to you.

Key Origination by code or to factory original condition;

Residential keys

Automotive keys

  This is a service where a key is produced to match the original factory design in regard to the depths of the cuts in the key.  This service is invaluable to the customer who has a worn down key that would produce a poor key if simply duplicated.  Instead, the key produced conforms to what the clients’ key was in its original state.  Also this service can create a key when the original has been lost by accident but unauthorized access is not an issue IE an unauthorized person finding the key and using it.  Such circumstance would be the client has dropped the key in the sewer system, lost the key in another part of the province while traveling etc.  If this is not the case, the client would be suggested to rekey the lock to ensure security is not compromised. In the case of automotive non transponder keys, you can get the code for your vehicle by calling the dealer and we'll decode it for you or for 20.00 we can retrieve the code via your Vehicle Insurance Number.

Rekeying of a lock;

 Residential and commercial 


  This service is provided when keys are misplaced, misappropriated or otherwise compromised.  This service renders an original key obsolete by changing the internal pinning of a lock to work with a different set of cuts in a key.  Thus restoring security. More popular is the ability to key multiple locks to the same key. Reducing the jingle jangle of a multitude of keys on your key ring to just a few critical keys that operate a range of lock sets   Takes about 10 to 15 minutes each lock. Re-pinning includes first key in the case of change out due to lost keys. For keying alike additional keys are at normal rate.

  If you purchase your own replacement or upgrade lock, you can swing by the shop and we'll re-pin it to your current key for the following charge to you;(service takes approximately 4-5 minutes per lock as we are not removing and reinstalling on you door.

 Keys fit to a lock (Impression method and file to fit pin height method)  

    This service is common in the case of filing cabinets, truck tool boxes and the like, where the keys have been long lost and new ones are needed but the lock is of a design that would make dis assembly not possible.  It is a largely underused but invaluable option to replacement of the lock. In this process the new key is made by way of binding the internal workings with a new uncut key.  By turning and moving the key the internal locking parts move and make “impressions” on the surface of the key. The site of these impressions are then filed a small amount and the key is returned to the lock for another series of binding and wiggling. Then the process is repeated until the lock is freely moving and the key is fitted.  The key now is set but needs to be duplicated to a fresh uncut key because the stress of impressioning weakens the key considerably.  Total time at most for an impressioning session is usually 10-20 minutes per lock and inclusive to the service is the first key. Additional keys are offered at the normal rate for duplication.  At this time I would be the only service provider for the Timmins area in respect to impressioning.

Master key system;

Administration and setup feeas well as a per

each keyway pinned to master and change keys.  Complete quotes are provided.

   Every landlord has had to at one time or another, gain access rapidly to a tenants’ dwelling in the case of emergencies such as flooding or other reason.  This can be a time consuming effort if there are many tenants and keys.  Master keying solves this dilemma by creating change keys that only work in certain locks and a master key that works in all locks.  This is achieved by skillfully pinning locks to accept to different pattern of cuts in a key.  One being the tenants’ key, the other being the landlord or site superintendents’ key.

  On the residential level this allows a home owner to have one key for all locks in their home and property but also have a singular key for the tool shed so the landscaper or maintenance man can be given a key to only the area they are allowed without bulking up the home owners’ key ring and still allowing the homeowner access with the same key.    

In the case of construction sites the padlocks can also be pinned to allow one key access to all locks and other key to only some locks.  

Issues with master keying is that it increases the number of correct position in a lock and reduces the level of security level In lieu of convenience. Takes about 10-15 minutes per lock.   Additional charges for records and administration in mapping and creating the system.  Also if you previously had a master key system in place but wish to have is switched over to our services we can decode and preserve your pinning system but you will need to fill out some paperwork. 

Lock installation 30 minutes labour approx. Varies on lock type.  Basic is 30 min.

This service is as the title suggests.  The installation of lock hardware is a primary role of the locksmith and is another service my business provides.  Also within the scope of this service would be consultation to a client in regard to placement, type and access control of locks and keys. Takes about 30 minutes for 1 standard lock set.

Upgrade of pin drivers to high security or higher pick resistance

This service is used when a business or home owner has existing hardware that they would like to have more secure.  The process is to remove all pins and replace the upper pins with ones that are serrated, milled or shaped to increase discrimination in the allowable variance in a key cut to open the lock and be more resistant to picking. Takes about 10-15 min for one lock set.

Basic Lock repair varies for basic assessment and repair. If parts are needed the material cost is additional.

This service is provided when there has been a mechanical breakdown of locks components such as the springs or the lock requires a good cleaning and proper lubrication to restore it to proper working order. Typically this involves a complete dis assembly of the lock, cleaning and troubleshooting the problem if it is not apparent during tear down.  Minor parts such as tail pieces and clips are included with this service but if the entire plug or other major component requires replacement there will be the cost of material to look at.  We will consult with you though before proceeding on a course of action and work with you to find the best solution for your security and your wallet.

 The first instinct of customers is to live with the reduced functionality of the lock but this only leads to more headaches in the form of added stress on the key causing the key to break in the lock. Broken key extraction is covered as basic lock repair. After which we can decode and provide replacement keys if required. So a bit of prevention goes a long way.